Security Improvements: Where is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

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Hello everyone,

I’ve been using the eWeLink platform, and it seems like a fantastic tool for smart home device control. However, I’ve noticed a critical missing feature in terms of security: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This additional security method adds an extra layer of protection to platform access and, in my opinion, is essential to ensure the privacy and security of our connected devices.

While reviewing the security options in eWeLink, I haven’t found the Two-Factor Authentication feature. This feature provides an additional layer of protection by requiring a second verification step, such as a code sent via text message or an authentication app, in addition to the usual login credentials.

Importance of 2FA:
Security in managing smart devices is crucial, especially considering the rise of cyber threats. Two-Factor Authentication has proven to be an effective tool in preventing unauthorized access. Even if login credentials are compromised, access to the account remains protected by the second verification factor.

I’d like to start this discussion to highlight the importance of implementing Two-Factor Authentication in eWeLink. Has anyone else noticed this missing feature? How do you think this enhancement could benefit the platform’s security and users’ peace of mind?

Improvement Proposal:
I propose that eWeLink seriously considers implementing Two-Factor Authentication as a standard security feature. This will not only strengthen the platform’s security but also give users greater control over the protection of their connected devices.

I look forward to hearing your opinions and experiences on this matter. Do you believe Two-Factor Authentication is essential on platforms like eWeLink? What other security measures do you suggest to enhance the protection of our accounts and devices?

Thank you for participating in this conversation about security in eWeLink!

Very good idea! I support you!

2FA is a feature that was requested before, but there was no answer.
Yes, optional 2FA would be great, whoever wants to activate it.

Let’s see what eWeLink team has to say about this.

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I, amongst others, previously asked for 2FA, although I’d prefer they didn’t use SMS as it’s the weakest version. I’d prefer they sent a push notification to their own app instances, an authenticator app or best of all a security key. Last time I checked you could only log into one app on one device at a time so you’d at least notice that for some reason you had to log in again if your password did get hacked and possibly change your password. I suppose they could get in once and then share your devices with their own account. I don’t think we get notified about sharing of devices, although I’ve never tried sharing from a 2nd device.