Is it possible to use the same eWeLink account on multiple devices?

Unfortunately, eWeLink app does not support using the same account on multiple devices simultaneously.

For example, if you have logged in your account on one phone and try to use the same account on another, then the login info on the previous one will expire and you will be logged out automatically on the last phone.

The only exception is eWeLink Web, which works on PC/Mac. Since the platform of the web version does not conflict with mobile device, you can use the same account on your phone and on PC/Mac at the same time.

Thanks for the info. Is this a “bug” or a “feature”? Can premium membership allow multiple concurrent logins on different devices?

This problem really deteriorates the user experience for me. Because I’ll be driving in on my SUV or my e-bike and need to open my front gate but the eWeLink app is stuck on the login screen with an “auth token expired” error message. This is especially annoying when wearing helmet and gloves on the bike.

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For security reasons, the app can’t be logged into the same account from multiple phones at the same time.

We are now digging deep to see how to make muti-login on different phone or control-point possible with highly security, need some time.


Good to hear! At least allow the user the option for concurrent multi-device access.

Single device access is inconvenient for us because Android devices are so cheap so its easy to own several in a household. The devices have their own security anyways. Yes, more devices is theoretically less secure but I’d leave it to the discretion of the user because single device access limits eWeLink’s capabilities. Besides, we can already do multi-device via Google Home and eWeLink web but those apps aren’t as powerful as the native eWeLink smartphone app.

Security Suggestion:
Consider using something like JWT signed auth tokens. They can be set with expiration so clients must renew periodically with the server. This improves security by forcing “token rotation” so they constantly change. Even if a hacker is able to grab a token, it won’t be useful for that long because of expiration.

The best thing about JWT tokens they do not require any server state. They are stateless because their contents are protected against forgery or modification by being digitally signed. Being stateless means the JWT token can be generated or read by any server in a cluster and the signing key never leaves the server side.


Thanks for the feedback and suggestion, we will put it on the consideration list and still working on verify several different ways of multi-login, security is priority.

Have the same discuss here, eWelink web - #2 by yitie

BTW, may I know more about how you use those devices especially with multiple Android screens, it will be helpful.

Hi. Thanks for the response. Yes, I use eWeLink from multiple devices. My main personal phone is primary but also I have a Lenovo Android tablet that is often the most convenient since its always on.

I also use eWeLink from Bluestacks android emulator on the Windows desktop because its very convenient to just have that up in the background continuously. With a few mouse clicks, I can trigger any eWeLink device fairly quickly.

The most annoying scenario is when I’m returning home on my car or scooter but the eWeLink app is stuck on the login error page because its login is expired. Trying to do auth from within a moving vehicle or riding my scooter is very difficult. I just end up stopping at the gate and awkwardly doing the login procedure. By the time that’s done, I’d normally be through the gate and parking and the gate closed by then.

I have a more complicated automatic opening gate and garage door setup and I use a multi-step eWeLink “scene” to script it but the scenes are not available through Google Home.

Hi James, great to know that you have so many ways to control your eWeLink devices, from Windows emulator is really a GEEK idea, I will try it myself later.

As for multi-login, we will make it possible in the new CAST feature of eWeLink web, but not considering take it to the mobile APP for security reasons, BTW, have you try the eWeLink web and keyboard shortcuts?The web can be login via your Lenovo tablet without log out your APP on the phone, and the keyboard shortcuts it’s really a simple and quick way to control scenes just with a tap on combined keys.

Check the video we made for reference

BTW, searching eWeLink web or eWeLink keyboard shortcut on YouTube, lots of users share their cases with eWeLink services, that would be inspiration place.

Thanks for the tips. Yes, the eWeLink desktop app and web portal are good but they require subscription.

But consider other competitor home automation & control systems don’t restrict multiple phone app use: Like TP-Link Kasa, Wyze and many others. Adding multiple concurrent access would only marginally decrease security if that. Because just adding any smartphone app to a system would already be a big security risk.

The Bluestacks Android emulator is amazing software. Its good for actual use of Android apps but also extremely good for Android development & testing. Bluestacks allows creating multiple instances too. Can carry them all with you on laptop and do dev anywhere (home, train, lab, etc). Critically, it allows seamless copy & paste and keyboard access which are always clunky on physical devices. Typing anything on a smartphone is tedious especially a URL or a very long base-64 encoded auth token – but with Bluestacks you just type and copy/paste like the Android app were any other desktop application or web page. :+1:

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" They can be set with expiration so clients must renew periodically with the server. This improves security by forcing “token rotation” so they constantly change."

This will also make it a huge hassle for those using the 5 phones for video cameras. Always having to go out to the locations to re login. Not good not good at all.

Hi, i resolved, at least for me, creating an second account and share my devices

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Hi eWeLink Staff,
Any update on when multiple Android devices could be available ?
Many thanks

Good evening from Spain. Forgive my ignorance on the subject, but I hear a lot about having several accounts, do you do it why do you switch devices? Thank you

Hello, I apologize for the delay in my response. The app team is thoroughly evaluating this feature and we want to ensure that we allocate sufficient time for its proper implementation. This is important as it may have a ripple effect on other aspects, such as the priority of commands sent from various phones, the execution layer, and more.

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