Zigbee Wireless Switch with expanded capabilities

My suggestion is the following:

Until now, a Zigbee wireless button can only send three different states, which are those created with a short press, double press or long press.

The number of devices in a smart home is increasing, therefore the need for a multiple wireless button is also increasing.

That is why I already use 4 SONOFF SNZB01-P wireless pushbuttons with a total of 12 different actions. (Each button has a label attached to it with a list to remember what has been associated with each action).

If an intelligent push button could be built that had a manually operated rotary selector that could, by turning it, select, for example, 16 different positions, in each of these 16 positions the three previous states could be detected, with which we could assign a total of 48 differentiated actions.

I consider that this multiple wireless button would be very useful and extremely practical in a smart home.

For the problem that the user represents, remembering the multiple button that has been associated with each one, then there is only the option of creating a list with the 48 actions.

It is a plausible idea.

Adolf Rupérez

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You’re right. A zigbee scene controller would be useful. I think 6 channels are enough. The competition already makes such devices




Thanks for the advice! I’m pinging Sonoff for this @Daniel_Zhan

We are also considering support for more third-party wireless switches for eWeLink CUBE. So there would be more options available for such usage.


That would be fantastic.

Adolf Rupérez

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Hi. I have the 6 button version of this and tried to add it to iHost via Zigbee2CUBE but it is recognized incorrectly, see below screenshots.


Also tried two of the 3 button versions which work correctly.

Any way you could make this 6 button version work as well?


Suggestion collected, thx! :saluting_face:

Don’t forget about Nspanel Pro.
It should also support multi-channel zigbee scene remote control.

Personally, I like the circular version of the button with the ability to adjust the brightness; I use it by rotating the button to the right and left; you can also introduce shaking and tapping technology to expand functionality.

Me too! It’s intuitive for dimmer and speaker controller.