Zigbee button press using web

Just tried clicking on a Zigbee Button using the web access. Not tried a dashboard yet. Nothing happened. Was expecting a click to equate with a button press. Am I missing something or is that function not present? Wouldn’t it make sense to have a momentary button on the web display?

It can’t, because they are zigbee buttons which communicate to the server with the bridge.
Maybe we could consider adding a ‘virtual switch’ feature later.

Maybe there is a use case I have not thought of but are Zigbee Buttons not alway used for triggering scenes? I’m not sure it matters if it goes into the ‘history record’ of the button. For example if the web panel was short clicked once I thought it would start the one click scene like as if it were a manual scene just like if it was the button (my Zigbee button occasionally disconnects as it is on the edge of the network but I can access the computer from where I am then. It is a pity Zigbee basic are out of stock or I would have extended the mesh).