Zigbee Map doesn't show devices added in NSPanel Pro

Zigbee Map does not show devices added in NSPanel Pro and synced through Paral-Sync add-on

That’s because the devices connect to NSPanel Pro aren’t in iHost’s zigbee network , so how would iHost can know the network maps of other devices?

The add-on build a connection between iHost and NSPanel pro, but the zigbee devices are still connected to NSPanel pro. that’s the reason.

With “NSPanel Pro” you can get the map of devices linked to it, them transform this map in Json or other format and send throught Paral-Sync to iHost.

In iHost, before create the map visualization, desserialize the information from NSPanel Pro, merge with iHost devices map and them create the visualization.

Remember to check the devices data before create the visualization. For example, if you have a device without some data (or something not 100% compatible), show then with only name and out the map (or without color).

But here’s the thing - NSPanel Pro itself doesn’t support the Zigbee network map function now…

@Alexie, there seems to be a conceptual problem here, because in iHost you can control the device and you can also see it

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So whats the solution? Is it better to connect the zigbee device to the iHost and than use Paral-Sync?

when connecting zigbee devices to ihost, you will not see them in the ewelink application.