Zigbee map for NSPanel Pro

Many users would welcome the ability to generate a Zigbee network map in NSPanel Pro. On the device screen this may be difficult to implement, but in eWeLink Web or App it can probably be done. What does the eWeLink stuff think about this?


Hi Jam3,

We greatly appreciate your feedback and think it’s an excellent suggestion. Our product development team is currently refining this feature within iHost and exploring the potential to introduce it to NSPanel Pro as well.

Our product team recognizes that implementing this feature requires foundational support, and our team is carefully considering all technical aspects to ensure seamless integration.

If there is a strong demand, we will raise the priority level. So upvote this, and let us know whether it matters to you.

Best regards,

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@ward - Can you prioritise getting the Zigbee network map working in the iHost first please before adding a new feature to the Ewelink app. That is what matters to me and my clients who are currently missing any working map functionality since installing their iHost’s in December and applying all updates!

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You are exaggerating. The Zigbee map may be important in some situations, but after all, you can use the network without it. It is not essential for normal use.
Besides, finally accept that the Zigbee map in iHost works. You persist in returning to the topic without considering that reality is different from your experience. I’m not saying you don’t have a map generation problem, but it’s probably due to something other than a bug in the iHost software. If you are so prejudiced against the Sonoff/eWeLink brand, why the hell are you buying their devices?

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@jam3 how is this exaggerating or are you adding negative connertationa because I question the logic behind your ‘nice to have’ feature which I too would welcome in the future when other issues are resolved?

I’m merely suggesting to staff that priorities are considered when adding new features.

It makes much sense from a development/engineering perspective to get one function working first. I am more than willing to perform investigating analysis of why the iHost Zigbee map isn’t operating in the environments I am working with but this does not appear to be a priority for the company, presumably because they know of the issue and are working on a fix… but I speculate here due to a lack of dialogue from staff.

As I am sure you recognise, troubleshooting Zigbee connection problems (like sensor dropouts) can be more challenging when an environment has multiple routers in many rooms; this is why it’s an important feature to get right. To suggest that you can use the network without a Zigbee map is not factually correct. For devices that aren’t connecting, take many attempts to connect, or are dropping out intermittently, a working Zigbee map would be a great asset and improve the customer experience.

Please remember, when alleging defamatory remarks, such as to suggest a prejudice against the company, many users have been investing in this ecosystem for over a decade and will have dozens of devices supporting their properties. As those users transition to iHost, and potentially expand their coverage with products such as NS Panel, TRVZB and other Zigbee products, they are ever-more reliant on the ecosystem to work. These are real-world pains. In some cases, the end users may have special needs, be elderly, or less technically astute (maybe even a combination of all three), hence unable to deal with failures. Therefore, Sonoff need to get product releases right, from the start, and not be reliant on users who have accepted the marketing collateral at face value. As to buying into an alternative ecosystem, that is a risk which Sonoff will have to counter if product quality continues to reduce.

Despite your diatribe, I will continue to add value to the forum and product development with my ongoing issues and experiences; this is the purpose of such interaction and I, like many users anticipate, this should lead to a better ecosystem and range of working products for all.

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Hi @njdt and @jam3,

Thank you both for sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding the iHost Zigbee map functionality. We appreciate the passion and dedication you bring to our community.

@njdt, your concerns about prioritization and the importance of the Zigbee map feature, are valid and well-articulated. We understand the impact this has on your user experience and will take your feedback into consideration as we continue to improve our products.

@jam3, we appreciate your perspective on the Zigbee map as a “nice to have” feature and the importance of a balanced approach to product development. Diverse opinions contribute to a robust community, and we value the different viewpoints that users bring to the table.

Let’s continue to share ideas, experiences, and feedback in a civil way that promotes understanding and collaboration. If you have specific concerns or suggestions, we’re here to listen and work together towards improving our products.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing participation.


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Thanks for your acknowledgement of the issues Ward … it is appreciated!

how do we “upvote” it? :slight_smile:

Hi FedericoDC,

Just hit that :heart: button on this topic


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