Zigbee Map disappeared from iHost

Couple of days ago my Zigbee map dissappeared and I can see iHost only on it. Does anybody have an idea how to fix it? I did a restart, but it didn’t help.

Create a log file and save it in Settings. Then click Feedback, describe the problem and send along with the log file. The eWeLink support will take care of the issue.
I had exactly the same problem once or twice, but a reboot helped. Not sure what is causing the Zigbee map to not generate. It appears that many users have this problem. Whether it is individual cases due to various reasons or some general glitch, it is not known.

@aleksey.kuimov I have the issue where it has never worked; out of interest, had you just updated to v13?

Yes, I have updated it some weeks ago to v13.

Ok, thank you, I did it

I think they improved the zigbee map display. The connection between the two routers is now shown. JUST A QUESTION. Why is the snzb-03 motion sensor displayed as a router?

How have they supposedly improved it? Looks the same as before to me.

It didn’t show the connection between the routers before, but now it does. maybe it’s just a coincidence.

It is. Mine always did.

Please send us the system log via the Feedback, our team will analyze the issue and fix it. Thx.

Id: 201238
feedback sent

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