ZigBee devices sending low battery notification even with new batteries

Hi, I have a sonoff panel pro with the latest version 1.5.
I connected three different ZigBee devices, snzb 1 2 4.
They are sending low battery notification even with new batteries, also in ewelink I see full charge.
It’s annoying receiving this notification all the time.
Everything is working ok but with low battery notification.


@Daniel_Zhan let’s follow this issue together.

@rodri16 Sorry for the issue, we are investigating and the issue would be fixed by OTA.

Thanks, Take a look…

following this topic. Similar issue with my sensor motion.

Similar issue…

I’ve had this problem too, I noticed that the battery tray didn’t grip well, I tightened the contacts and, so far, I haven’t had any other problems

I have the same problems with sensors used with the Zigbee from the NS-panel pro. The contact of the batteryholders is not the problem. I have tem directly soldered onto a external supply. I voltage measured on the sensor-board is 3.3V.

Seguo Nspannel con sensori zigbee ho sostituito le batterie con nuove Duracell ma la notifica continua ad arrivare.risolvete è molto scomodo

I’m talking about this issue since 23/11/2022.

It has been reported to the support and I’m still waiting.

According to the email I received today from itead, it will be fixed around March! :frowning:

Yikes. I’m actually disabling my notifications until fixed because I get spammed near hourly.

This sucks, I’ve only installed the sensors yesterday, and I have a lot of notifications from batteries low, but they are full. The fix is taking too long in my opinion (from what I’ve seen in this post)

@Daniel_Zhan @yitie any update on the OTA status?

I have the same issue! Just replaced batteries on 3 of my Zigbee Motion Sensors earlier today and within the same hour I already got the Device Notice for all 3 Sensors:

bla bla Device Current battery is low, please replace the battery in time

I haven’t used them for a while with my Zigbee Hub because I thought it was battery batch issue, but using altogether another battery brand today paired with NSPanel Pro to use as Security sensors, but the Notifications keep coming, despite all batteries showing FULL within the app.

May I suggest if you can add the option within the app to disable battery related notifications, until you get this fully fixed?!?! I will have to disable all ewelink Notifications otherwise. If its not fixed within the week I will need to delete them once again from my account as my girlfriend is getting the same notifications during night time as well!!! I will need to seek for other alternatives outside Sonoff, otherwise I am going to be yelled at every night, it seems!

Thank you

Any news???

I am not sure is it related, but i had the same issue with one of my sensors after a few days of usage (brand new).
Moving Zigbee bridge closer to the sensor fixed the issue. Since then I didn’t had any notification regarding low battery.

I’m using NS Panel Pro as a gateway, but putting the zigbee devices even less than 2 meters away don’t fixed the problem.

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bump @Daniel_Zhan @yitie
any progress on this issue?
When can we expect an OTA update to fix this?

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It’s chinese new year right now so won’t get response until til that is over.

Kind reminder… At least an update if this is on the Roadmap, if its being handled or we should look for other alternatives.

Thank you