SNZB-03 motion sensor fast battery drain

The battery in this sensor runs out very quickly, in a month.
Does anyone have the same?

It’s really died?
My NSPannel Pro is sending me low battery warnings everytime, but the battery is full.

Mine seem to run out after a couple of days. Think i am going to give up with the motion sensors. The switches on the other hand are brill.

At the start, the battery has a voltage of 3.250V, after two months the sensor turns off, and the battery has 2.733V

Yes, others sensors and switch work very well

I have several. The fastest to run out is the one furthest from the hub. Not 1 month though. More like just over 2. Have installed some Zigbee Minis near it. Hopefully it’ll join the strengthened mesh closer and last longer. Pity the Zigbee Basics are out of stock, or were. Maybe they are back. I use rechargeable coin cell batteries anyway. Good idea for these sensors. Think the voltage:energy relationship is different though: probably will get false readings. Not unusual to replace my TV batteries quite often, but they charge really quick suggesting they weren’t that deplete. Still get lots of low battery warnings though. Just doesn’t matter as I just use spare charged ones.*

for me, however, the sensor that loses the battery so quickly is closest to the gateway, about 2 meters, more distant ones work longer. I have a feeling it has something to do with the amount of “movement detected” or this sensor is broken