Zegbee out of order

Good morning, to day my zegbee network is completely out of order, 3 bridge, garage cellar ad home not on line…help me! Is it only my problem?
Thank you…

Yes, all my gateways were down. Had to off → on them. Also some switches down. Servers again?

Yep, I have the same problem, two gateways down since few hours.

My problem started yesterday. The zigbee bridge is showing an offline status. I restarted the bridge and came online again but this morning it is offline again. The sensors connected to the bridge are still sending the notification however.

What is this issue?

I am also having this issue this morning?

I have powered mine down and restarted it and it’s now back online but I have had to repair the Zigbee devices with it

ok, after stop and go now running, i do no wy …do you have news?

This means that you turn off the ZBBridge power supply and turn it back on?
Does he put himself in the last state or do I need to do parring?
What about the sensors? Are they automatically connected to the Bridge, or do all sensors need to be paired again (door sensor, motion sensor…)

Thank you

Yes I turned off the power and then turned it back on. My Zigbee dimmers lost there connection so I had to re-pair them to the hub