Yeelight/ITEAD Partnership

Hi All.

Some time back I saw a collaboration post between Yeelight (aka Xiaomi) and ITEAD.

I have seen nothing further about this.

I found the GU10 RGB of Yeelight, once you sync Mi (Xiaomi) Home and eWeLink together, all features of the bulb are available in eWeLink, and they work great. Not found anything to date that works so well.

Our SA importer of Yeelight is no longer bringing them in, so was hoping, if the collaboration kicked off, somehow we can bring back the Yeelight bulbs to SA.

Anyone know anything?

What is so special about these bulbs that you want them back? To me they are bulky, heavy and with a poor energy-to-light conversion rate.

It’s very much a standard type light fitting in SA. I’d say 80% of homes have GU10 downlights. So, there’s a need.

GU10 is a standard all over the world, to be exact. Which country stands for SA?

Why can’t you use Aliexpres? In the worst case you will have to pay VAT at SA rate. I have bought Yeelight from several dealers through them. e.g.
Yeelight GU10 Smart LED Bulb W1 Dimmable / Colorful Lamp 350Lumen Game Music Sync Voice Control For App Google Assistant alexa

Or go to IKEA. All their bulbs fully integrate with eWeLink and work flawlessly. They are much slicker than Yeellight and, above all, cheaper.

We do not get IKEA in SA

It’s for my online store, and would need to have the nessesary ICASA etc certification…so if it was for my personal use, for sure.