WiFi not available

I am new to smart home
I bought alot of ewelink devices and switches
Already set up alot of automations
My question is
What happens when there is no wifi? Say for example the towers batterys is stolen…
what is plan B?

Hi there, WiFi-enabled devices rely on a WiFi connection to communicate with servers. If your WiFi goes down temporarily, the devices will show as offline. When you are home, you can enable the ‘LAN mode’ feature on devices to allow them to receive commands directly from the App (though not cloud-relayed commands). However, if the WiFi is down when you are away, unfortunately, you will need someone to resolve the WiFi issue for the devices to work properly.

Zigbee gateways with ethernet port like iHost would be an alternative ; )

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Generally speaking, a working Wi-Fi network is needed to make it possible for you to control your devices remotely, but lots of eWeLink supported devices have LAN control feature, which means you can directly control devices when you, specifically tha app is in the same local network (even without internet access) with your devices.

And furthermore, by leveraging this feature, we made a device named iHost, which allows users to manage their devices, totally locally with ease, and more exclusive features, check it here https://itead.cc/product/sonoff-ihost-smart-home-hub/ref/1/ if you are interested.