Unable to use Lan Mode in eWeLink when Internet goes out

Each one of my devices has Lan Control enabled in eWeLink app. The lan symbol appears next to the device in eWeLink but when my internet goes out, I am unable to control my devices, even though the wifi is working and all devices and the phone with the eWeLink app are on the same wifi network. The devices go dark in the app when the internet is off. I am using an Asus RT-AC68 router. I thought I was supposed to be able to control the devices when the internet is off?

Yes, this should be the case. On my FRITZ!Box 7590 I haven’t seen issues with LAN mode yet.

You say “this should be the case”, meaning that my lan control is or is not working as intended? If it’s not, how do I start to diagnose my problem? Thank you.

LAN mode should allow you to operate your LAN mode enabled eWeLink devices when the internet goes off, but your router is still running. If this doesn’t work I advise you to contact eWeLink with the in-app feedback.