Why lose connection with Zigbee devices on IHOST

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Who knows the way to understand why if a zigbee device is OFF line, i can not operate it, but is present in the Zigbee Map in my IHOST, with a nice power value of 191. This device has been working perfectly until yesterday. In fact device is working via RF remote. I have plugged it off and on again, but issue persists… Another 3 identicals devices are working fine right now.
This is my MAP, when Salon 3 is manually disconnected from me, but Salon 4 is not as you can check.

And here, you can see the offline status.

Who says it’s offline?

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Please provide your system log via feedback.
We’ll see what’s wrong.


It’s ths is your situation?
The device named Salon3 and Salon4

  1. All connected and can be control without a glitch.
  2. In iHost, they’re offline?

Perhaps the browser cache just needs refreshing and/or clearing?

The device infomation will refresh after a simple refresh of the page.
Cache should not be a problem.

The log begin in 4-20T22:46, from that time to the newest time of the log.
We didn’t found any offline information of these device.

What time are the devices offline?


Device called (salon 3) is normal to be offline because I unplugged it manually. But Device (salon4) is plug and as you can see in the picture is ok in zigbee map, but Offline to be manage.
Anyway, i have paired it again, and now is working fine. Logs shared, were downloaded the 23th if i remember well, with the error still there. so, if logs can tell you something, should be there.

Also, I have replaced my router ssid 2g4 channel from channel 13 to 6. i will check the behaviour of ihost working together with this new channel setup. Could you please tell me which channel are zigbee devices setup on IHOST?


Zigbee device will setup in one of these channels: 11/15/19/20/25/26

Be aware that Zigbee channels are not the same as WiFi, and that you can’t change them on the run. See this article to learn more.

@SuiKa It’s a shame that eWeLink provides no tool to get basic information about Zigbee networks, including channel number.

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Hello Jam3,

Thank you very much for this useful article. In fact i was looking for something similar not so far, but i didn’t found it. Thank you again.

With this information, WIFI CH6 could be a good choice, because zigbee ch 19&20 are close, but not in the same place. Rest of possible zigbee ch are far from wifi CH6.

I use AVM routers, known under the Fritz!Box brand. They form a mesh WiFi network. The German engineers at AVM are positively nuts about the coexistence of various radio transmissions in a given location. They have added one of the most effective algorithms I know of. When the option is enabled, there are no problems with WiFi or Zigbee. My flat has two WiFi networks, two Zigbee ones (HA and eWeLink based) and a few BLE devices. Occasionally HA reports high Zigbee channel utilisation. However, this has never prevented proper operation. Unfortunately, iHost or NSPanel Pro have no reporting and nothing is known. The Zigbee map from iHost for any diagnostics is not suitable. It’s also worth adding that my area are almost a hundred 2.4GHZ WiFi networks operating, of which about 15 are in the immediate vicinity. The congestion is impossibly high. 15 years ago there were barely a few WiFi networks :tipping_hand_man: