Why in ihost interface "TF-card"?

TF is die. Now SD-card.
May be rename?

Named later by the SanDisk company as a micro SD card, the TF card is almost the same as an SD card. The two don’t have any technical or physical differences. A TF card can be easily used in any SD card slot. The name SD is a proprietary name.

Why do you want to rename it?

Name SD is used now. People known SD, speak SD.
And not known TF. TF only for specialists and old users.
Term “TF” not used now.
Many people ask, “what is it TF-card?”
But term “SD” in used now.

Because you didn’t ask Uncle Google, I will recap: the term SD card is a propriety term for one type of TF card. Now you know what a TF card is, and you can explain to the people asking about it. Any other problems?

There are many devices in our life use memory cards and the term “SD card” is used everywhere.
Out of 100 devices, but only one of them has a term “TF card”. This is Ihost. why???
The “TF” designation is obsolete and is not recognized by people.
If I come to a store and ask to sell me a TF card, no one knows what it is? This is inconvenient…

In what way, in particular, is it inconvenient?

SD - is not a SunDisc.
SD - is a type of flash card - Secure Digital.
TF - is a name of card, who used by SunDisk and Toshiba from 2004 to 2005. After that SD Association rename TF to microSD and term TF die.
There are no longer produce TF cards in the world now!
The user can buy only microSD (micro Secure Digital) card

The TF card (also known as TransFlash card) and the micro SD card are closely related, but there are some nuances between them. The TF card was originally introduced by SanDisk in 2004 as the world’s smallest memory card. The TF card is essentially the original name for what later became the micro SD card. Both cards are practically identical and can be used interchangeably. In summary, while the names may vary (TF card vs. micro SD card), the cards themselves are nearly identical.

A proprietary product (name) refers to a unique item created and exclusively owned by a single company. Most commercially sold computer products fall under the category of proprietary products. Permission is usually granted after payment. It is anyone’s guess that the iHost manufacturer did not use the term SD Card intentionally. It’s not because there are unaware old farts working there.

The SD Association acquired TransFlash from SunDisk and renamed it to microSD.
TF is the old name of microSD before 2005.
TF has never been 128GB and cannot be any UHS class.
It’s just not right. These requirements only apply to microSD.
Where did Sonoff come up with the term TF is unclear?

I recommend raising a ticket via “Settings → Feedback”, so the eWeLink staff can give you a precise explanation of the context in which the term TF card was used. I give up but I understand perfectly well that this issue does not give you peace of mind and torments you terribly. Cheers.

This option not work.