Clone Ihost SD card?

Is there a way to clone the SD card, I bought a class 10 one so that my ihost works better, because the one I have is a little slow and I think it makes the system run slower.

Nobody has tried or succeeded, it’s just that I want to put in a new SD card of better quality and not lose the work done.

You want to clone the eMMC module to the SD card?

  • I’m not familiar with the environment but it could be problematic if CUBE doesn’t have any mechanism implemented. You would need to perform a low-level boot into some UX environment and mount the eMMC and then copy the content to SD. Another option is… unsoldering the eMMC, so I won’t even write about it. :slight_smile:

Or do you want to clone one SD card to another SD card?

  • Any PC and a suitable SD card reader connected via USB and software such as Rescuezilla…

Hi sintoxx,

The answer is no.

Each SD card has a unique ID and iHost will record the field once it is formatted on the iHost. So even if you try to use image tools like Etcher to clone, the new card won’t work due to a different ID.


I have asked here before for a way to move installed docker images but didn’t get a reply. I had a TF card fail on my Raspberry Pi and it was a pain in the arse and got an iHost before the USB port could I mass storage so I have my dockers images on a TF card.

Here they could potentially put a TF card reader in the USB port and move it that way. I would personally like to move to an SSD as I don’t trust TF cards. Allowing movement of installed files would also get around your limitation with the TF card ID.

Thanks for sharing, that’s brilliant

Someone would have to test this… Because I think it may be just a change of PSN and not the entire CID.

You can buy cards with programmable CID…

SD card CID number programmed before shipping. Please leave a message with required CID in order notes on checkout. CID changing by customer is not possible.

You could possibly look for something like “SpoofCID adapter”…

I have cloned the micro SD card that is placed in the back but what happens is that the ihost does not recognize it and asks to format it.

As I mentioned above, @ward also wrote to you.

If iHost remembers the CID of the SD card, there is nothing you can do about it quickly, I have already given you the methods for CID, the simplest seems to be to order a new special card with the CID already programmed, the same as your current working SD card.

If iHost only saves the serial number, it should be possible to change it with the software, which I have already provided above.

Unfortunately, imho, I consider such security in iHost to be a design overkill, I understand the threat vectors, but for SOHO it is just more of an inconvenience than a positive option. I also fear that this may not be a concern for security at all, but rather a concern for controlling hardware components to increase $$$…

In general, this is a bit absurd in a situation where iHost (CUBE) does not offer a mechanism for creating a backup copy and simple restoration of settings.
This seems to be a deliberate action, we do not give the user the opportunity to create a backup copy or simply clone the SD card… Unfortunately, it looks bad.

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