Where are the Weather Forecast and Tasmota add-ons?

This year, 2023, in Q2, 3 new facilities were promised:

  • NSPanel Pro ADD-on = ewelink/paral-sync
  • Weather Forecast ADD-on = ???
  • Tasmota ADD-on = ???
    If I’m not mistaken, Q2 of 2023 will end in a few hours (2023/06/30 15:15:00 UTC).
    Are there the promised ADD-ons?
    Maybe I wasn’t careful enough and didn’t notice the existence of the 2 ADD-ons (Weather Forecast and Tasmota), in which case please help me with the necessary information.
    Thank you!

I also asked the same question in some of the previous posts!

They drew the deadlines themselves and promised the users!

Just to remind…

Even the TTS ability is not completely finished!

ewelink/paral-sync provides the ability to control devices connected to NSPanel Pro, not NSPanel Pro itself.

Since Q2 ends today, it’s more than likely that ewelink/paral-sync is all they wanted to do for NSPanel Pro.
In the happy case that there will still be something else, it will probably take a long time, a long long time.

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Weather Forecast ADD-on and Tasmota ADD-on, they have finished and are currently being tested. It will be released with the next version - expected between July 10-15.

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The main reason for the delay in the Q2 project release is that we also brought forward the development of the Matter capability expected in Q4 to Q2.

In the July release, weather forecast Adon,Tasmota Adon and Matter bridge capability will be released together.

In addition, we also provide a new addon in July, witch allows users to achieve remote access without having to go to the router to configure NAT

Thanks for the info.
I am a Web Developer and I understand perfectly how things work.
The problem is not related to the fact that an ADD-on is launched 2 weeks later!
The problem is that you don’t communicate with users who are also your customers.
A recommendation in this sense could be the development of the feedback function in the settings in the case of iHost, which would be bidirectional, where the user could receive information about the new facilities that are to be launched. In this way, the current situation would be avoided in which users have the impression that they have bought a product that promised no more and no less than exactly what any Smart Home would like: its own “command center” and in reality -they chose a box that for the moment is no more than a toy and not even a useful tool to revolutionize the Smart Home market.
The information about what follows is gratifying and if the next update would include the improvement of the Scene function so that the Scenes created and existing in iHost can be activated and deactivated, through other scenes, just like in the ewelink APP and the Web version, I would be the happiest :).
We are looking forward to the new facilities, even with a delay.

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Please update existing ewelink add on its almost unusable,wifi devices are often slow to respond and often unavailable,rf sensors activate devices in scenes 30 seconds later,there are still things to polish out before the new things,which is in my opinion a priority.


Sorry for the inconvenience ewelink addon has brought to you. We will follow up and solve your problems.

addon is tested and verified before it is released, so most users can use it normally, and it is not almost unusable. However, we can not rule out some bugs caused by some problems, there may be problems in the environment of a small number of users, we have not given up to continue to upgrade and optimize it to solve the problem - please submit problems and logs through feedback to help us locate the problem, we will help you solve it.

From your description, I think it may be caused by network problems. Have you tried to restart the router? Or if you can try a different router? We do find that some routers do not support mDNS well, resulting in serious state feedback delays.

The statement that most users do not have problems with iHost is just an illusion that is due to the fact that most of those who have an iHost do not use this device due to the numerous shortcomings and numerous problems related to operation.
Unfortunately, those stated by fruvita67 are real and existing problems. Unfortunately, the respective problems in most cases have nothing to do either with the router or with peripheral devices.
For example, if I stop iHost for a while, due to the fact that it is unusable for me at the moment, after restarting, it happens almost every time that iHost starts but without the installed ADD-ons working properly. ewelink/ewelink-smart-home apparently works, but practically you can’t do anything with theoretically synchronized devices, because it displays the error message “Failed to control”. If I restart the ADD-on, unfortunately, apart from the fact that it apparently synchronizes the devices, nothing happens. In the WEB UI the devices are loaded and at any attempt to start or stop a device, the processor is overloaded. Moreover, when I start iHost and after a few minutes I notice that the CPU temperature is stable above 62 degrees Celsius and the CPU above 30%, I already know that my wonderful iHost is failing again and I cannot use it until I reinstall ewelink-smart-home ADD-on!

After I uninstall the ewelink-smart-home ADD-on CPU returns to 6-8% and the CPU temperature at 55-57 degrees Celsius and remains constant, unlike the situation when the ADD-on is installed and does not work and the CPU temperature has slow growth trend.
After re-installing ewelink-smart-home, everything seems to work properly. All synced devices can be controlled, command by
ON/OFF works correctly, but there are cases, quite often, when an ON/OFF command is executed with a delay. This delay can be a few seconds or less often tens of seconds.
This phenomenon is not related to mDNS, rather it is related to the CPU overload of iHost which actually fails to process the order sent by the user, due to the processes already in progress at the time of the order initiation.
So there is still a lot to do!

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Hi, can you please submit a feedback? please attach the add-on logs and system logs, the add-on logs can be downloaded via the add-on page-log menu, system logs can be downloaded on ihost Settings page

Hi Teki,
I submited a feedback, from iHost settings page.

I just got your feedback in the ticket system, my team will analyze the issue ASAP and fix it.

Thanks for your report.

is there an update release date yet?

expected between July 10-15