When Effective Period in Scenes will be fixed?

Effective Period does not work when creating scenes based on temperature readings and scenes do not autostart…does anybody managed to solve this issue?

Ok i understand what you say…but i meant something else… When you set effective period like when a scene to start and stop it does not auto start on that period

Hi Mr. Gabba, you seem to know a lot about automation systems as i see that i follow the forum for a few days. How come you haven’t face these problems yet i can’t understand. The effective range startup and manual tap problem. Can you try to replicate what we are trying to success?

Basic situation: 20-21 C runs.

Time change to 18-19 C.

Time change to 20-21 C.

Scene 17-18C:

Scene 20-21C:

In the scene running the scene, another scene starts an autoscene, which is turned off by another scene… :slight_smile:

This was also the case here (the switching temperatures have changed since then):

Hi Gabba63. Clever workaround that I hadn’t thought of. Admittedly, I am a noob.
I will give it a try.
I am using SNZB-02 T/H sensors and POWR320D power metering switch to run electric baseboard heaters.
Thank you.