Webhook scene with telegram

I am trying to set a webhook to message me on telegram when a device is on/off

I’ve followed all the steps in the tutorial but got stuck on “replace it with @group_id (click on the group name and copy the group id)”

Tutorial : It’s almost done. You need to modify this URL (Provided by Telegram) below according to your information.
*Replace {my_bot_token} with the token you got, replace it with @group_id (click on the group name and copy the group id), and customize the text that the bot will send to you.

Once the modification finish, you will get your own URL which can be used at eWeLink Webhook scene.

Where in that link is the group id to be replaced ?

This part of the description is wrong, the group id should be inserted before &text
the link should be like this:
BBB=@chat id
CCC=your text