TX ultimate + ihost

how do i sync TX ultimate with ewelink installed via dokker on ihost device

Firstly, you need to log in with your eWeLink account username and password. When done, you see TX on the devices in LAN list. Then you click sync.

I have tried all this many times but still unsuccessfully, all the devices work, only my TX does not

Are TX and iHost on the same LAN? Is “LAN control” enabled for the TX?

yes they are in the same lan network with the same ip range and I have LAN enabled

Is it on the eWeLink Smart Home list? If not, try to restart the eWeLink Smart Home add-on and/or refresh the list.

Reboot your iHost and then see if you can sync.

You need to click “Sync” next to “Kitchen Dining Room”, right? :+1:

I’ve restarted everything multiple times, the FW is updated everywhere and it still doesn’t want to synchronize, I’ve been solving it for 14 days, I’m running out of options :joy:

That’s weird indeed. You need to place a ticket via iHost [Settings → Feedback].

I didn’t think of that option, I admit, maybe the problem can be removed, I have 22 pcs of tx ultimate and having the scene only via the cloud probably won’t be a very good choice

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Did you try to reset the TX? All of my devices managed to sync after I reset them which I discovered by accident.

I have a 4-gang TX, which works with the add-on. I think you should raise a ticket from the app as well as the iHost if the issue persists after a reset as @wrcaston suggested.

TX sa podarilo Sync všimol som si že keď som zmenil zoom prehliadača tak to nešlo ale ak som ihost reštartovať viac krát nezmenil som zoom tak to išlo neviem presne kde bola chyba len sklamanie je v Tom že TX v ihost neukazuje okolité svetlo iba kanal1 a kanal 2

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Good! :+1: