TRVZB firmware issue

As the issue that users reported, we asked Koenkk to pull back the 1.1.4 update. The new firmware version is still under optimization and development. We will release it once the bug and issues are fixed.

So one has to wait. All in all, you don’t know what it will be like, because if you have Zigbee connected to iHost, it can’t do the update and you also have to wait for something else. This is not encouraging.

Is there anyway to downgrade back to 1.1.1?

I upgraded my bedroom TRV and now 2 nights in a row I have woke up absolutely sweating. When I’ve checked the TRV the valve is open and the TRV displays “In”, once pressed it then displays “Ad”.

It has done this twice now on 1.1.4 despite being factory reset and already calibrated / added into Z2M for a few days prior.

I’ve been running several TRVZBs in Z2M for about 4 months now. I upgraded one of my TRVs to the dreaded 1.1.4 and done a factory reset to get it working correctly.

It worked fine for a few days but now it keeps randomly displaying “In” despite still reporting to Z2M but the valves are not operating on schedule.

Pressing the button and it displays “Ad” and then goes back to displaying the temp etc. and working correctly.

Any reason why it keeps wanting to be calibrated? I’m sure I’ve had this once before and it was fixed by changing the batteries but Z2M reports 95% ok current batteries.

Good day to all. I have a question regarding temperature calibration on Sonoff TRVZ. Target temperature and curret temperature? And the second question, how does the open window function work? And how can you test this in practice (simulate such a case) to make sure that this function works correc…

Has eWeLink finally dealt with the firmware for the TRVZB? Weeks have passed since the publication of the unfortunate, immediately withdrawn update. Has the problem been identified? Is something happening at all, or has the issue been shelved for an unspecified time? Do you know?


I just bought 4 of the TRVZB, and they are connected with Home Assistant.
For me it seems that they have a big hysteresis, as when the target temperature is reached, the valve is closed 100%, and the after more than a degree down in temp., it opens again. I think it’s a strange behavior. It should be a PID regulation, where it finds a optimal valve opening position to keep the target temperature without noticeable temp variations.
If it requires a firmware update of the valves, I’ll consider buying the Sonoff bridge because of that.

While this is some valid points you have I don’t see how this relate to v.1.1.4 ?

I use Better Termostat and it seems to be working quite well so far.

You’re right - can you guide me to a better forum/topic?

I don’t “Better Termostat” can help with any of my issues with the Sonoff valves. :-/

@Daniel_Zhan @yitie
Finally managed to update the firmware of the TRVZBs linked to NSPanel Pro. From the phone app, because from eWeLink Web it is not possible. The update supposedly starts but takes several hours and never actually happens. All updated TRVZBs go into Manual mode when the process is complete. Switching to Auto mode shows what @brianjene described in this thread. Only a power toggle gets the situation back to normal.

Maybe create a new topic? And welcome :wink:

Today I update my SONOFF TRVZB to 1.1.5, all 5 ones. Updating was smooth an faster than 1.1.4 witch was total disaster, and I skip it.
Process of updating was trough Zigbee2MQTT. The only problem was that one of 5 is not see update, actually he first refuse update, but after several factory reset at last hi pass. Second problem is now valve don’t recognize “Frost protection temperature”, “Open window” and “Child lock”.
Also can’t report is the valves work correctly, because in Sofia steam heating now not work, season is over.