Tripping a smart circuit breaker after a certain energy is consumed by a device/circuit


I want to automatically and remotely connect/disconnect a lighting circuit of a floor.
The device i want to use is Sonoff Pow R3.
My question is: can i create a scene where the breaker trips after a certain amount of electrical energy (kWh) is used? And as soon as the next day comes the energy count goes to zero and it start doing the process all over again every day.
Emphasis on energy (kWh !!!) not power (kW).

Thank you in advance.

I think it is a useful feature, but it’s not supported now.
Will forward this request to our development team for evaluation.

This trigger is already available to POW Elite, however, in POW R3 it’s not possible to do so. The report mechanisms between these two models are different. POW R3 does not sync the real-time consumption to the server due to the limitation of hardware. The data is sent to the server only when you click on the device tile on the eWeLink App home page. Therefore, without real-time consumption data, it’s meanless to add it to the scene as a trigger.