hello I bought pow elite, very nice but, an indispensable function is missing. And I would really appreciate it if you added it. if I set the maximum consumption threshold to 3000w, the device cuts off the current. But there is no way to restart it except manually by pressing the button. I live in a 10-story apartment building and every time I have to go downstairs to wake it up. it would be the maximum if, by mixing a variable time, for example 10 seconds, the device would restart. in Italy the meter has a threshold of 3kwh when this threshold is exceeded, the meter disconnects and forces thousands of Italians to leave the house to reactivate the electricity. this could be a more complete device if it had this feature, thank you as usual

Turn on the device via APP is not available? I think it can be restart remotely via the APP when it’s cuts off by reaching the max limits of Watt set in the OPS feature.

However, if the circuit breaker protector trips, it can only be manually restored.

Hi, I’ve solved problem in this way: you must connect at the start of the power line (before the POW, if you have other devices connected, or also instead of the POW) this device: Ewelink APP 2P 63A Rail Din WIFI (search on Aliexpress, amazon or similar), but you must assure the wifi connection will work either when this power line will be powered down (using a 12V ups, for example). Cheers!