POW R3 OPS minimun wattage function

Hi, I have a POW R3 device

Id like to make use of the OPS, minimum power consumption function. I would like to use it to switch off my inverter charger once charging slows down to below the set minimum wattage. The inverter connected to the POW R3, takes a few seconds to power on and go above the minimum wattage set.

The problem is that the POW R3 automatically switches off before the inverter can start properly.

Is it possible to program the POW R3, to wait about 30seconds on start before applying the OPS, to enable the inverter to power on completely?

Limited by the chipset on the device, the “delay” or “lasting” monitoring feature isn’t possible on the current POW device,
But those two features will be on the request list, we will keep an eye on it, if you have fine any other way or device can achieve this, please feel free to let us know.


Ill be trying the following workaround for now:

Ill connect a SONOFF basicR2 switch to the POWR3 with a load attached (400w panel heater) and default restart state set to “ON”

When the POWR3 powers on, the basicR2 will also power on with an immediate 400w load (above the ops minimum wattage load). Ill then create a “delay” scene to switch the basicR2 off after 30s, by then the inverter connected to POWR3 should have powered on completely and the load would be above the minimum ops wattage set. Once the inverter goes to trickle charge mode, it should drop below the ops minimum wattage set and the POWR3 should switch off.

Hoping this will be a good temporary solution for now.

That’s may works, and some users linked a temperature sensor with the breaker, like POW, to control the heater or cooler based on the sensor’s data automatically, the energy consumption is collected by the POW but not as the trigger of heater/ cooler machine.