POW R3 Turnes off at 185V

To Sonoff Staff.

I am having the same problem as a lot of people. But for me it is not random. At first I thought it was until I narrowed it down to voltage. The mains voltage here in Thailand can get quite low. I have found that with all the air-cons on plus a shower water heater 5kW the voltage drops to about 185V then POW R3 switches off. Every time, without fail 100%. Now in the Threshold settings the is an option “Min Voltage” 185V (coincidence?) this is NOT selected.

I have purchased 3 of these thinking it may be a faulty unit but all three have the same problem. I have POW V2 and Basic units installed total of more than 20 but they have no problem. The voltage range stated for the POW R3 is 100 to 265V so still in range. The POW R3 in question controls the water pump for the shower! A real pain.

I have been informed there is a firmware update to 1.0.8 but after weeks still no update available.


Hi there, you can also bring this issue to the Sonoff support team (support@itead.cc) and they will respond asap.