POW unit and load control for PV systems

Hello all, I use POW unit to control the voltage and if it raises too close to 253 V (due to PV production) the unit activates an extra charge to lower the voltage. The problem is that the POW unit has no option for ON action in such a case (only OFF) and I have to used an auxiliary switch. What about having that choice in the app and select ON or OFF if switching conditions met?
How you deal with that guys ?

Above this value is usually considered as a hazardous voltage, which can cause damages to the load.
OFF is the default action in this cases.

Just a quick thought, setting a scene to trigger another( extra charge to lower the voltage) ON when the POW is reached the OPS OFF, is that works for you?

This is what I did but it requires an extra switch. I raised this question because that is becoming quite common problem of PV users.

Sorry i’m not familiar with PV production, would you please give me more details about this feature request? Why and how it’s helpful, thanks in advance.

In case of PV grid-tied (photovoltaic) systems there might be an issue of voltage raising during peak hours production. Depending on the quality of local infrastructure it might go even above the max allowed voltage (253 V in Poland f.i.) resulting in disconnecting the PV inverter from the grid and no production for a certain period of time. I use POW unit to detect the voltage level and connect an extra load if the voltage is equal to 253V to consume some energy locally and thus decrease the voltage. As POW unit has only “OFF” option for such a trigger the only option is to use another unit (like SONOFF basic or similar) to switch the load. The requested feature is to have a choice of ON or OFF action if the voltage reaches the threshold