The problem with scenarios without internet service

I had the internet service stopped for a period of time and I noticed the following problem:

I have a scenario where when you activate a sonoff mini (light) a sonoff basic (fan) starts
In the absence of internet, the scenario does not work when I activate the sonoff mini… but it works when I use the iHost application (interface) to activate the sonoff mini

Can you rephrase the last sentence because it’s not clear enough to catch up.

a device can be activated (on/off) by direct action on it or it can be activated from the iHost interface

In the absence of the Internet (lack of Internet connection), the scenarios work only by activating the devices in the ihost interface. They do not work when pressing the physical device.

There are several flavours of Mini devices. Which one do you have?

It doesn’t matter what type of Sonoff device it is…the scenarios must work with any device

Not true.

Did you create the Scene in iHost? and did you set any time schedule?

yes…I created the scene on iHost…I didn’t use schedule

mar., 13 iun. 2023, 13:09 Teki via eWeLink Forum <> a scris:

Hi, I tried with other devices (not mini&basic), in the absense of internet, the scene still works by operating the device.
In your case, what about other devices? do you have any other devices to try?

I did not check other scenes due to the lack of internet but… I didn’t say that the scene doesn’t work… it works in the absence of internet when I activate mini from the iHost menu… it doesn’t work when I physically press mini

mie., 14 iun. 2023, 10:33 Teki via eWeLink Forum <> a scris:

I know that, I’ve tried both ihost interface and physically operate the device, without internet, the scene works. the only difference is the devices I used for test are not mini&basic.
I’ll talk with our test team, by the way if you have other devices please try to create scene to see if they work by physically operate during absence of internet.

I have other devices with other scenes I will turn off the internet and check all the scenes

mie., 14 iun. 2023, 10:58 Teki via eWeLink Forum <> a scris:

I tried with a scene where a TX3C commands a BASIC

In the absence of internet, the scene does not work

Now I noticed that in the absence of internet, physical ON/OFF presses do not appear in the TX3C log

În mie., 14 iun. 2023 la 10:58, Teki via eWeLink Forum <> a scris:

Is your scenario iHost or cloud based?


joi, 22 iun. 2023, 12:11 Jam3 via eWeLink Forum <> a scris: