The difference between movement, man and other movements

hello, I’m wondering if the motion detector can be set to distinguish human motion from other motions. I see that other applications have this possibility. this way I have a lot of alarms that won’t really work for me. I’m only interested in the alarm when a human is spotted. thank you very much, greetings from Croatia.

I believe that it is not possible to precisely detect the presence of human beings. They have too few unique features for a microwave sensor to distinguish accurately. A PIR sensor, on the other hand, cannot cope with this at all. From the point of view of such a sensor, there is no difference between a person and, for example, a bear or a large dog. A camera with artificial intelligence would be useful for such a task.

but I have xiaomi and smart life applications and their cameras distinguish movements, i.e. I get a human alarm and a motion alarm. ewlink is great for me because there are many possible scenes. but it’s not clear to me how they couldn’t make two different alarms… the prices of sonaf, xiaomi and tuya cameras don’t differ much in price…

an example of how smart life works

The sensors from Sonoff are not cameras. They are either microwave or PIR type. Besides, you need software for analysis and the eWeLink system has no such functions.

I understand now. thank you very much