SONOFF PIR3 sensors motion is duplicating to other sensors


I have a problem using both Sonoff Motion sensors (Not Zigbee) I replaced the PIR2 sensor with PIR3 due to some problems but the PIR3 sensors seem to share the motion signal. So sensor A will have the motion detected but show on Sensor A&B, I have one where this would happen on 3 sensors.

I have tried removing all the sensors and then pairing again making sure none of the other sensors are picking up motion but this still happens. I even had one PIR3 that Ewelink would switch one of the light switches on and off and in the log would show that the light switch was physically pushed and it wasnt.

I seem to have a situation with thing being confused.

I am using the ewelink up and normal Sonoff switches, relays, cameras, motion sensors.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re facing. Could you please submit a support ticket within the app‘s “Help & Feedback”? This way, our support team can assist you in identifying and resolving the problem. When submitting, ensure to check the option “Upload corresponding information.” This will allow our team to access more detailed logs and information about the devices.

Thank you Stephen.

I had removed most of the sensors while trying to resolve this but still have the problem.

Will submit a support ticket.