Ewelink often generates errors

Smartonoff’s warning system is regularly 5 minutes behind the real thing, and the motion alarm regularly issues incorrect warnings. e.g. when I open the door, ewelink will notify me after 5 minutes, motion alert always says motion detected when there is no moving object (I check the camera to confirm it many times). Even though I bought the advanced package, the problem is still not fixed. I was really disappointed

Would you please tell me the camera’s model?

Assuming it’s a camera issue, as you may know, motion detection is not as accurate as we imagine, because its principle is to compare the changes that occur in the image, a leaf falling or a change in light will trigger a motion detection alert, and the time of notification depends on the network of mobile phones.

My Sonoff devices and my phone are on the same wifi network. So the notification is 5 minutes late is very unreasonable

Vào 23:36, CN, 5 Th6, 2022 yitie via eWeLink Forum <notifications@ewelinkforum.discoursemail.com> đã viết:

May i ask the device ID?

Why? Are you a admin?

Hi there, @yitie is our colleague, so it’s OK to let him know the device ID and check issue for you.