TH10 temperature log to Google Sheets or similar

I have a TH10 that I have attached to my domestic hot water tank. I’d like to be able to record temperature every 10 minutes or so and record this on a spreadsheet.

Has anyone managed to do this?

Hi there, there is an applet trigger in IFTTT that allows you to record the data of TH device. But the data is about the temp of TH goes above or below the given threshold. You can follow the instructions to create an applet. When you set the trigger, you can select “Temperature goes above or below”.

no, i need to be able to send the actual number so that I can store it and keep records

Hi there, actually eWeLink won’t be able to get the temp records every ten minutes or any other given period. According to the device capabilities, there are two ways for us to get the records. One is when you tap the device tile, the device data is sent to the cloud, and the other is when the temp is lower or higher than the preset value, the cloud get it.