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Hi there, my first time here so please forgive me if the topic has been treathed before but I’ve not found it…
I’ve bought recently the zigbee hub and three temp sensor, I can see the actual temp on the app/web but I can’t find a way to have the historical data; which is the min temp reached this night? (for example)
I’ve tried even to take values down with IFTTT in a google Sheet, but in the ingredients I can’t find the actual value of the sensor.
there’s a way to save this data wit IFTTT or a place in the abb where historical data are stored and I can’t find?
thank you!

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At present, the device, hub and the cloud do not store any historical data, so we cannot display these historical curves and data at present. However, we plan to update this solution, let hub or cloud realize storage, and provide the display of historical curves on App and Web. Of course, you can also consider providing historical data downloads - such as an Excle or CVS file

Could you please tell us how you are going to use this historical data? This helps us design new history storage schemes. For example, is it enough if we provide hourly temperature records? or you still need 5 minutes of accuracy.

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Thanks for your answer. The first usage I’ve in mind is track temperature in a greenhouse, so to see if in night time the temp will drop down too much (so I’ve to isolate it better) or if growth too much in daytime.
Another usage can be to keep track of historical data for stats in the season.
For both scenarios one hour will not be the best, maybe every 10 minutes will be better.
In one hour in mid-season the temperature can have high variations.
Besides the cloud solution, if you consider to publish via API the current temperature, anyone can poll the temperature as many time with any retention they need.

Thank you for your detailed reply.

You can refer to the API here ( If you have the development ability, you can indeed develop a service of your own that periodically reads the real-time device temperature by API and stores it on your own service. Of course, we will provide such historical data query and download later, so that more users without development ability can directly use such functions.

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I’m enthusiasts to see that you’ve implemented the historical data for temperature and humidity! Thank you very much!

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