Temperature is not refreshing in Cast dashboard

I have several SNZB-02 temperature sensors and one TH16 placed in Cast dashboard but temperature is not refreshing. To refresh it I have to leave dashboard screen and load it again. It doesn’t make sense to me. Working this way it is absolutely useless. Do I need to buy advanced plan to work it properly ??? Only clock is refreshing.

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Yes, CAST is only available to advanced subscription user.

I think there’s something wrong with this design, if it doesn’t work for someone, then it shouldn’t show the temperature or chart - it should correctly indicate that it’s not available unless you subscribe to a advanced plan.

Hey there, do you mean the data didn’t update all the time?

Generally, the data recorded and reported by the devices/ sensors is hourly basis, and the Web-based CAST refreshes the charts at the same pace or manually refreshed.