Cast Chart Doesn't work


I have the TH16 Temperature/Humidity meter. I subscribed as an advanced user, because I am interested in the charts but in eWeLink Cast it does not allow me to check the option. It just appears gray. I already spent 2 hours looking for how to solve it, without success. I would appreciate help

Hello, currently the TH10/TH16 series don’t support chart feature, these devices are special and we are exploring if we can get them to support this feature.
For now the THR316/THR320 series and Temperature&Humidity sensors support this feature.

It has been a struggle to get TH16 working as a switch AND temp sensor. right now I’m using a SONOFF smart switch in combination with a TH16, just to trigger my heating when the roomtemperature goes below a certain degree with possibility to switch the heater on and off manualy.
Now I read that the TH16 does not support the chart feature. I’m not amused and think of it as a bad buy. Unfortunately

Hello, about the Cast, we keep updating and are integrating devices/features one by one, the TH16 is possible to display chart but need some time :grinning: