Cast panel support for THS317-ET temperature sensor


The THS317-ET is pairing fine and displaying fine in iHost.


However adding it to a cast panel doesn’t work, it’s buggy and doesn’t display the temperature.


Here is how it reads directly from an event-state node in node-red

payload: “{“endpoint”:{“serial_number”:“3c6a2cfffed3ac4a”},“payload”:{“temperature”:{“temperature”:29.1}}}”
_msgid: “9ebf50413a43f082”

I’m using iHost 1.10.1


Hi, wanvos.
Please download the system log from setting page and attch it in here so we see what’s the problem.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi SuiKa and thanks for your prompt response.

I sent you a message with the full log dump of my iHost.

Also please note that the THS317-ET doesn’t show in the Zigbee Map in iHost.

Best regards,

Hi, wanvos.
Thanks for your feedback.
We found the problem. It occurs only on temperature sensor and humidity senor.
We will fix it in next version.
Have a nice day!

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Thank you SuiKa have a nice day too.

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