Will Cube fix this on Cast USA °f not °c

Will the new SONOFF iHost Smart Home Hub fix the issues I have with the temperature sensors showing °c instead of °f in the cast app, since the iHost Smart Home Hub is on my local network and not cloud based?

Which temperature sensor do you use?

I am using the SNZB-02, I set it to show °f and it does everywhere including on the web interface, but when setup to cast, only shows °c.

Requested help threw tech support and the repply was it is because of my local settings, now when I log in even though I login as country code +1 USA the login changes to country code +1 Canada in the cast app and this sets it to °c not °f, so I am hoping that the iHost cube will fix this with a local login and not a web base login.

please go to iHost- the SNZB-02 device settings page, to change the unit.

My iHost hub shipped yesterday so when I get it and get it set up I will post an update.

Yes this did i was able to set it to °f and it shows in cast as °f.

Thanks all

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