SNZB-02D switching to Fahrenheit in iHost


I have 3 x SNZB-02D and two suddenly switched to Fahrenheit in the iHost GUI and in the cast panel. The LCD display is still in Celsius.

I cannot re-configure Celcius in iHost per the video. Even more surprising, when I click the button on the back of the SNZB-02D it does toggle my Aqara SP-EUC01 plug! Note that the Aquara plug is acting as a Zigbee router for the SNZB-02D.

Rebooting the iHost doesn’t help.

Currently I’m running eWeLink CUBE Version 1.13.0

The same situation happened to me a few months ago I had to delete the sensors and re-configure. Which I’d like to avoid or I will loose temperature history.



Any idea about what’s happening or what other logs I could collect to help fix this ?

At least some of the problem seems to lie in the fact that pushing the button on the back of the SNZB-02D SONOFF temperature sensor does toggle the Aquara SP-EUC01 plug. When that plug is acting as a Zigbee 3.0 router for the temperature sensor. This is 100% reproducible with multiple plugs and sensors.

Initial condition
According to the iHost Zigbee map, the SNZB-02D is connected to the SP-EUC01 which is connected to the iHost.

Press the button on the back of the SNZB-02D

Observed behavior
The SP-EUC01 switch gets toggled

Ewelink Cube logs on the SONOFF SNZB-02D
7 2024-01-16 08:58:48 debug {“rssi”:-51}
8 2024-01-16 08:58:48 debug {“identify”:true}

Ewelink Cube debug logs on the Aquara SP-EUC01
3 2024-01-16 08:58:49 debug {“rssi”:-50}
4 2024-01-16 08:58:49 debug {“powerState”:“off”}

Sorry for the inconvenience case.
Referring to the temperature unit changing from Celcius to Fahrenheit, would you please send us the iHost system log via the Feedback in the iHost console? our team will check what the issue is.

As the Aqara SP-EUC01 plug is switched by the SNZB-02D issue, we have tested several router devices like ikea or other brand plugs, and they all acted as expected, so it may caused by the Aqara SP-EUC01 plug firmware logic. if you power off the iHost and press the SNZB-02D button, how’s the behavious of the plug?

Thank you Daniel!

I did submit Feedback and mentioned this forum thread.

With regards to the Aquara plug you are right it’s behaving the same with the iHost powered off. I suppose that the workaround here will be to unplug all the Aquara plugs when I need to use the button in the Sonoff temperature sensor.