Switch off heavy loads during Mains Fail when running on Battery backup

I have a home with battery backup and inverter. Only the Geyser and Stove do not have battery backup adn could be used for detecting mains fail (of course in conjunction with the other devices being on line). I would like to prevent heavy loads from being switched on during AC power failure in order to preserve the battery.
Is there a way to do this without the necessity for an extra device to detect loadshedding. Something like:

If (SW1 & SW2 == Offline) and (SW3 & SW4 == Online) THEN (Must be mains fail)
Do Not switch on SW2 & SW5

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Does the SW’s are devices with power monitoring feature?

The devices I am using are:

  • Model SonOff POW_R2, FW PSC-B67-GL
  • Model Revolt Smart Switch Energy Meter 63A, FW is PSF-B67-GL

I could not find a way to do this without another device. I connected a MINIR2 S1/S2 to my inverter switch-over relay (a NO contact is closed when the grid fails) and use that state change on the MINIR2 to give we the trigger to control other devices.

I want to switch heavy load off fast - waiting for a device to show offline could take quite a while. This setup works well for me and is very fast.

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