Linking victron to eWeLink- to switch states

I have a victron inverter and Solar / backup that runs my core home systems.

All my geysers & utilities are connected to eWeLink monitors.

most automatically fail when mains power fails, as they’re not on the backup db.

However, I would like to add an ITTT to detect when power fails or is restored, and then optionally activate some of my utilities, depending on time / date etc.

Anyone know of a ready made integration I can use to detect whether mains has failed, then use it as a trigger for scenes?

To clarify: I don’t just want to use “last state” but do actions on power restore like turn a geyser on manually 25 mins after power is restored, or turn outside lights on, if it is after 8pm.

POW R3 series would be help, setup a scene like this, when power restored, let’s assume the power monitored > 50W, then delay 25 minutes to trun on Switch A, and turn on the light with effective period as you demand.