How to connect Ewelink account in Victron Node Red

Hi, very new user here… so please be gentle.

I am using a Victron offgrid system for power and have enabled Node red in the VRM, this opens up the Node red page, where I can get reports on the battery %

I’m trying to enable the POW Elite switch to turn on when the battery is above 50%

But I cannot seem to connect my Ewelink account in Node red, I have entered my user name and password, it tries to connect, but will not.

I haven’t paid the subscribtion for an Ewelink account yet, could that be stopping me from connecting?

Sorry for the daft question, I am an electrician, but not a coding expert


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I also have this question and I’ll be following your post because I intend to use more the node Red in my ihost to monitor the automation of my system off grid tô.

Just wanted to post a follow up, watching youtube videos, thank you to the creators, I have managed to make it work.
So in the interest of fellow users searching for this function, remember, I am not a coder, just a simple electrician, so my description, is very simple :wink:

I am using Victron VRM node red, this sends a message to IFTTT, via webhooks and then IFTTT sends a message to ewelink, which then talks to my sonoff pow elite and turns it on and off.

I’ve set it to turn on a water heater at 50% state of charge and turn off at 49%… hope that helps some one in the future