Switch Mirroring

Hi, I have a few switches controlling the same light. At the moment I have to set up scenes to keep the switches synchronised; if switch 1 is on the turn on switch 2 & 3, if switch 2 is on then switch on switches 1 & 3 etc. it would be great if you could have a switch mirroring function, say a tick box on each switch for mirroring (like the tick box for lan control etc) then a drop down list of other switches that you want to mirror. It would save a lot of scenes having to be set up for multiple switches controlling the same light.


I know that ewelink has such option as “group”. Iit should solve this problem, unfortunately it works only for the same type of devices. It means you can’t add to group TX and Basic for example. So I’m using scenes like you, but I agree this would be useful function.

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That only works if you turn them on and off with the app, it does not synchronise them if you operate the switch manually.

Hi there, thanks for the idea! So far, I think the ability to copy the scene might meet your requirement. The feature will save you lots of time when creating multiple similar scenes.
Please update your eWeLink App to V4.31 and you will be able to use the feature.

Thanks @PeterGoGo i will have a look at that. I still think the mirror function would be a great idea though :slight_smile:

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I’ve noted it down, and will discuss it with our tech team later. Thank you so much for the idea!

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