Switch buttons working in parallel

There’s something very common to me, and I imagine it’s common for a lot of people. I think it’s called “three-way switch” for when it’s done in normal switches with wires.

Sometimes we want a smart switch button to act synced with another smart switch button. Eg. A switch at the top of the stairs, and another one at the bottom to turn on the stairs light.

I think it’s a mix of the Group and Scene features.

The part that is similar to the Group feature is that I wanted the buttons working together (turn on and turn off), but different from the groups, I want it for specific buttons instead of the whole switch. And I also want it to work when I push the physical button of the switch (like the Scene feature behavior).

Currently, my solution is to configure many scene conditionals to turn on/off based on the state of the other button. But in cases where I want more buttons synced (3 buttons, for example) it starts getting complex, and it’s very hard to maintain.

I hope this can be introduced in ewelink to make this type of configuration easier!

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I’ve recently been investigating the feasibility of splitting the app’s scenario '“if” into “trigger” and “state”, assuming that there are 3 switches A, B and C respectively. I configured them for the following scence:

When the trigger is:
Switch A turn to ON;

The state is (or):
Switch A OFF;
Switch B OFF;
Switch C OFF;

Then do the action:
Turn on Switch A;
Turn on Switch B;
Turn on Switch C

When the trigger is:
Switch A turn to OFF;

The state is (or):
Switch A ON;
Switch B ON;
Switch C ON;

Then do the action:
Turn of Switch A;
Turn of Switch B;
Turn of Switch C

In the union of the above two scenarios, when manually opening or closing A, it will necessarily open or close B and C; however, manually opening and closing BC does not affect A.

For you, do you find the above logics easy to understand? Do they meet your needs?

Hi @songal!

Thank you for checking this. This is exactly what I’m doing currently as workaround. But the issue is that I need to create a lot of scenes to manage these cases for the whole house, and it’s hard to maintain if I change something.

What I propose would be an easier setting to just set the buttons A, B and C to work in parallel.

As a reference, it seems the app Tuya has this feature with the name “multi-control association”.

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