Ability to have multiple switches on 1 deviec show in different rooms

My use case - I have a 3 gang switch in my lounge… I want 2 of the 3 to show as in my lounge…

the other - i want in the "outdoor’ room…since its for the light at the rear of my house…

This would allow control within things like google home to work better (especially if combined with my other suggestion - to allow the switch to be configured as a light)

Using the app’s Scene function should be able to achieve the effect you want.

the scenes don’t show up in rooms

and in my experience - when called from google home are nowhere near as reliable

if a switch is in a room - I can just say “switch light on” - and if the google home speaker is in the same area, it works…

needing to be specific as hell about scenes can be painful… this is why the ability to move each switch to the relevant room where its effected - would be better.

and again - if I can assign each switch to the relevant device type (light for example) - then google assistant again works better, more reliably - and responds in a more flixible manner

I find it frustrating that super basic settings like this need to be altered by scenes… or in many cases - multiple scenes to do 1 simple thing… why can it not be baked into the device if its super basic like this…

I suggested this a long time ago, maybe a feature mirroring switches so one switch follows another. I have to have many scenes to get switches to follow each other

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yeah - I see someone else suggesting virtual switches - that might be another way to solve this issue (and add more flexibility)

Yes agreed. The grouping just doesn’t work well enough, it only works if switched by the app not the physical switch

I see via an answer on another suggestion - this is 99% in place already…

if you go into the device settings, display as seperate panels - then you can set each switch to display as what it is - and move each panel to whatever room you want it n.

The only thing that doesnt seem to support this - which I have here - is the ns-panel (I am still sorely dissapointed in that device - at its cost vs a normal switch…)