Scene organisation

It would be great if there was a way in which to organise manual scenes. I have multiple lighting scenes per room and the list is growing so it can be difficult to find a scene. For instance, sometimes it is easier to reach my phone to activate a scene but scrolling through the list of scenes and remembering what I am lookibg for is difficult.

So, either make it possible to categorise scenes by room or by function. But per room would make the most sense for me



Thx for the advice.

Advanced scene management including category/tag is under consideration, we will be glad to share more details if any roadmap is set.

Here’s a tip I use - better naming for scenes would help to sort them out, like using light as a prefix for all light focused automations. I sometimes include area names.

Hi Ward

Thanks for the speedy reply. That would definitely be a great addition to the app.

I am currently naming devices and scenes in a manner that both describes the location and function. However, on the NSPanels the names are often cut off and scenes are then difficult to identify. So I find naming needs to be extremely concise.

I would name a device “Switch - Hallway” or “Bulb - Kitchen Peninsula” or a scene would be (Function)(Name) i.e. “Secondary Lights Kitchen”. This does help with the scenes but I should probably rethink the naming of devices.

What wpuld be great is if the scenes for a particular room were displayed in the list together with the devices for that specific room.

I am looking forward to seeing what you eventually come up with.


Another option is to use CAST and manual scenes that will initiate the remaining scenes.
The name length in this case is 23 characters. But tested only on CAST in a browser and on a large screen…

The solution is very far from having the sorting option you wrote about. :slight_smile:

@ward Is CAST able to handle url as iframe in Custom text?
Create a simple index.html that would contain a list of webhook links and individual names.

Yes, it should work. If you use <a> element, you may want to set target attributes

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