Sorting scenes

Hi, I have a proposal : It will be usefull to sort scenes name and or add categories (in the same way than for modules, ie heating, lighting…)
And also, when we have several items in a scene, to have the possibility to insert or reorder.

I have about ten items in this example, and when I modify, I cannot place where I want in the list…It works, sure.
I have about 60 scenes, so it will be a great improovment !

If we make it(triggers or actions) adjustable like dragging them up or down to change the order, it should help.

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Yes ! It will be a good idea.

Very good. sorting separate for all Actors in APP, Webapp please. It´s al lot of work to have an good sorted Web App optic with a lot of Actors witch must be sorted in Handy APP

The order of manual scenes can be adjusted by your needs in eWeLink APP, for example put the frequently used ones in top

Evaluate take this feature to eWeLink Web

Btw, we made the cameras view from echo show and Google best public testing, great thanks for your help and validation earlier Thomas🤝

ORDER/SORTING device+scenes+Create scenes to run in a specific day like 31/12/2022 etc.

Hello Ewelink.
I’ve many device & many scene. When app is open I must scroll too time to find a request scene or device.
I’m Advances user and i can view all device & scene on pc, but manage by smartphone make me crazy.
It’ possible to move device up and down (custom mode)?
It’ s possible to have a mode(button settings) to order device in Alphabetical order?
The same in scene.
I can only order the scene that works like a “TAP TO RUN”, i need order all scene like Alphabetical order or some other customizable mode.

When ewelink start there are a mode to run a device or scene to specific date es. DD/MM/YY → 31/12/2022 (31 dec 2022) why this option are dead?

Many Thanks