Reorder steps in the scene

please add posibility to reorder steps in scene it can save time when reconfiguring


It seems that is not an indispensable feature😂

how many scenes and how many devices you have ?

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Yes! This! Right now the only option is to redo the entire scene. This would be super helpful.

Of course is indispensable!!!

I wish they could add that feature as well. Tuya has the ability to reorder the steps in their scenes. eWelink don’t seem to realise that these small problems are a big deterrent to using their products.

Hi guys, your feedback is much appreciated. Actually, our team has evaluated this feature. It has been added to our roadmap and we expect to roll it out at the end of the year, at which we will optimize or implement more features in Scene.


super! :smiley:


“at the end of the year” ? Why so long? How certain can we be that it will happen?

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We’ll release an important update at that time, which includes multiple new features in Scene, and more in other sections. That means it takes a long time to develop. The feature of re-ordering actions is already on our to-do list, so please stay tuned.

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In the same idea also reorganize the scenes.

Hi Jack, the ability to reorganize the scenes is already available. You can drag and drop the scenes. Check the attached screenshots.

Thank you !