Suggestion: reordering actions within scenes

Am presently using latest (v4.31.0) version of the app and cant find ways of dragging actions up an down within a sunet driven scene. It operates 10 devices with some delays in between. Reordering device (dragging actions) would make fine tuning much easier than deleting items and building it up again. Moreover, next time I upgrade my table lamp control (first action in the list) from smart socket to smart RGB bulb I would simply delete the socket action, add the buld at the bottom and drag it to the top of the list. This function has been available for some time on the Globe Smart app and I find it very useful. Thks


I agree. Have had to fiddle with several. Particularly annoying if you have to add a new sensor. They also need to enable more than 1 time period. I’ve spend ages on two identical scenes to run in the morning and evening.

The new Copy feature is pretty useless without the ability to reorder the actions. You still need to rebuild the complete scene…

Hi guys, thanks for the suggestion. We’re going to review this feature with the tech team this week. I’ll get back to you all when there is any plan for implementing it.

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Thanks eWeLink for emplement8ng my suggestion in V5.0

We appreciate your idea:D