eWelink Web Scene Sorted by Scene Name

As the number of scenes increase, to be able to sort the scene list by name can be helpful. In the future, to create folders so we can organize scenes in a more useful way.

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Currently, you can search for specific devices/scenes by name in the eWeLink WEB dashboard, device list, and scene list, which should help you locate them more quickly. Does this meet your needs?

Additionally, I must say that creating folders is a very creative suggestion, and I will definitely pass it along to the WEB team to see how we can implement such a feature!

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Thanks for the prompt help!
Yes, the search is useful, but for instance, I like to put the scenes in order, so I use numbers to do it (see attached picture), but I cannot see them in order. I think it makes easier to work with them.

Yo tengo casi 100 escenas, es muy difícil ordenarlas, las agrupo por dispositivo, sin embargo hay varias escenas que incluye varios dispositivos y varias escenas que enciendo y apago según ciertas condiciones, las carpetas ayudarían mucho, yo ya esperaba que en alguna versión aparecieran. Deseo que se logre en un futuro no muy lejano.