Scenes not synchronising

Hiya all, I have an auto scene set up, if a switch is turned on it then turns on the two other switches and if the same switch turns off then it turns the other switches off. All works fine until another scene turns off the main switch and then it doesn’t operate the other two?

Could you send screenshots to show us all these scenes?

Hiya @PeterGoGo . I’ve attached a photo of a scene I use to synchronise hall switches, if I turn one on then they all go on etc.

If I then have another scene that turns one of these switches off, the others do not follow. In the 2nd scene I have to list all of the switches to turn them off.

Thanks for the screenshot. Could you raise a support ticket on eWeLink App > Profile > Help&Feedback? Our support team require the log to locate the issues. Thank you.

Hiya, I will do :slight_smile:

Sorry @PeterGoGo incant find how to submit a support ticket!

Found it!

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