Sunrise sunset delay times

Hello, is there a limitation on the delay times for the sunrise sunset feature in the scenes? Obviously Currently it only goes out to 30mins. Or is it possible to extend this to at least an hour or more?
For example. I want a device to turn off an hour or even two before sunset, so it definitely doesn’t draw power from the mains power, and only uses the solar. My house is shaded way before sunset so need it to turn off well before 30mins before sunset.

Hi there, FYI, this is a tutorial to extend the Delay duration. Hope it helps.

Thanks Pete. I don’t think this will work for making a device turn OFF an hour BEFORE the sunset trigger. Plus I don’t want to add another complexity of Alexa to home automation.

Unfortunately, in eWeLink App, the Delay is no longer than an hour. The team is evaluating extending it in the future updates. We’ll let you know if there is any news.

In that case it would be good if you could go an hour earlier than sunset, and not have the option to go half an hour after, then if you want to trigger something after sunset you can use a delay in a scene… or the Alexa option. Does that make sense? Where as currently there’s no way to have something trigger more than half an hour before sunset.

eWe definitely need to make it more than an hour, Including the delay time. So annoying having to do multiple delays especially when you want to reprogram something.

I had the same problem. I solved it by just choose a city thats in another timezone that matched the delay a wanted.


That’s a great idea! So simple. Thanks.

@jakeegan89 @westside71 Hey guys, our team is considering exdending the range of sunset/sunrise. We’d love to know your requirements! How long do you guys need? Maybe one hour, two hours, or three? Please drop your suggestions here.

Please give a delay extension of a least 3 hours. I am using it to turn on my pool pump after sunrise but want to wait long enough for the sun to be high enough to heat the Solar panels.

Working on it. Plan to roll it out in September.

I had the same issue, and resolved it with a temperature waterproof sensor probe attached to TH Elite controller that automatically starts the pump when water in the panel is at a high enough temperature. And it automatically stops when temperature drops below defined limit. So I don’t care if is sunny or not, pump will only start when temperature of water is high enough. So, on cloudy days and at night it doesn’t run at all, while on sunny days it can as soon as temperature is high enough, sometimes it’s 2 hours after sunrise, sometime’s is a little longer if the morning is cloudy.